Observation of Blood Coagulation and Other Particles in Patients after Covid-19 Vaccination as Observed Through Live Blood Microscopy Analysis

By Professor Serge Jurasunas, MD (hc), ND, MD (Hom)

I am a specialist in Live Blood Analysis and have been involved with this system since its inception; it was developed in the US about 40 years ago. My experience probably includes over 20,000 observations of fresh blood samples from patients with all types of diseases, including AIDS and Cancer. What can be observed in a sample of fresh blood of unhealthy and sick persons under the microscope should attract biologists and hematologists—and why not oncologists, since we have a direct view and not just an interpretation?  Observing fresh blood samples shows the difference between an unhealthy or sick person compared to a healthy one. For instance, we can observe whether broken red cell membranes are active or damaged. Many cells may deposit crystals and oxidized lipids, grown from bacteria in the blood samples of unhealthy persons.

As explained nearly 20 years ago and recently a few years ago by the late Professor Luc Montagnier, one of the best virologists in the world and a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, the AIDS virus needs a co-factor to be activated. According to Luc Montagnier, the co-factor is the bacteria mycoplasma, and he suggested the same may be true for the SARS virus. For the past decade, we personally have observed mycoplasma in the sample of a drop of fresh blood from patients with chronic and degenerative disease. We have been working for several decades with doctors, biologists, and microbiologists. We set up annual seminars to share our experiences. I maintain here that mycoplasma was identified as one of the main causes of the Gulf War Syndrome suffered by thousands of GIs in the US. Of course, the medical authorities and other scientists denied this co-factor theory along with many other ones that disturb their own theories and the well-orchestrated programs of vaccination.

Since the beginning of the covid-19 vaccination program, I have observed numerous cases of adults, the elderly, and youngsters, post-vaccination. Yes, the results showed red cells in rouleau and other abnormal observations, including salt crystals. I didn’t make any publications in the beginning. However, after over two years of the pandemic, I feel that now it is time to show photos from my personal research and observations. 

Today we can explain why after vaccination, red cells form a rouleau that compromises the delivery of oxygen to the heart or in fact, to any other part of the body; at the beginning we simply could not really explain. New experimental research suggests a potential interference between the spike proteins contained in the vaccine and the hemoglobin of red cells that serve to transport oxygen. It is also possible that the effects observed after injection of the anti-covid-19 vaccines, the spike protein can be the cause of the red cells in rouleau by fixing on the surface of the red cells via the glycophorin (glycophorin-A) and, in this way, modify the negative electrical charge on the surface of the red cell membrane. If they lose this charge, they start to join together and later on can form a rouleau.

As explained by Jean Marc Sabatier in an interview, red blood cells are directly implicated in the body’s response against microbes. Red blood cells have a large amount of glycophorin on their surface that serves as a decoy to trap and neutralize pathogenic agents and viral proteins circulating in the blood. 

Pic #1: Left: Live Blood Analysis. Typical red cells in Rouleau were found in coagulated blood after vaccination. Right: Live Blood Analysis. Sample of normal blood, showing normal shape and size of red cells which navigate in the blood plasma, all separate from each other. Also, we observe a clean blood status without any particles, bacteria, crystals, etc.

Recent documents and observations using both electron microscopy, fluorescence, spectrometry, microscopy, and Live Blood Analysis have shown a presence of unidentified particles, likely with contamination, in the blood samples, such as carbon particles of graphene oxide. Such particles are a real danger for the body because they represent direct toxicity to body organs such as the lungs and brain. Graphene oxide triggers an inflammatory reaction, oxidative stress, and cellular death by necrosis or apoptosis. According to Jean Marc Sabatier and several other scientists from around the world, these pseudo-vaccines are totally inefficient because this genotoxicity is a source of cancer and/or transmitted deficiencies to future generations; and they may dead to many forms of degenerative disease and increased cancer risk at short or middle term.

If you observe the figures of blood samples taken after vaccination, it is easy to understand. Recently an online Canadian article showed the photos and gave details on several young kids all athletic from 2 to 13 years old, boys and girls, who suddenly died after vaccination. Even more serious, young women and pregnant women who have been vaccinated will pass on the consequences and contaminated blood to their offspring and this can be dramatic in its impact.

Pic #2: Live Blood Analysis of a Blood Sample after Vaccination. Large Symplasts of Graphene Oxide Crystals

Unvaccinated Blood Is Now in Very High Demand

Today we are reaching a very unusual world situation that will divide humanity since new reports have shown that many persons that need blood transfusion refuse blood from vaccinated donors. A doctor in Switzerland is working to create a bank of healthy blood from non-vaccinated people. When you observe the photos included in the article then surely you understand the reason.  People do not remember, especially in the US, the scandal that occurred in France in 1980 with contaminated blood and transfusions that gave rise to more cases of AIDS and hepatitis C. They were using blood from toxic men, jailed prisoners, etc., without first checking.

I do not believe that the blood of people infected by the SARS CoV-2 and/or after vaccination is safe for transfusion. Observations using the Live Blood Analysis technique should convince any researcher or medical doctor. Virtually every organ in your body is exposed to the spike protein; it penetrates into the nucleus of the cell. It has even been found in the brains of people and breast milk. It may remain there for months. Of course, we can try to neutralize, detoxify or eliminate the spike protein. The World Health Council has published lists of remedies that can help to eliminate spike proteins and they include glutathione, vitamin C, comfrey tea, NAC, pine needle tea, quercetin and I believe that organic germanium could be efficient as well to eliminate all the heavy metals contained in the vaccine. 

Now I have reason to believe that somehow this vaccine is harmful to cancer patients. Here are some examples. It started about one year ago with several of our patients that we treated with cancer but under control, others in remission. They have seen their tumor markers dangerously increase shortly after being vaccinated. Recently, a case of a 38-year-old woman with multiple myeloma that was under control, having had a bone marrow transplant, saw her blood values increasing in such a way that she may be subjected to new chemotherapy or a new bone marrow transplant. Indeed, she came in for consultation one week after receiving the second vaccine, and I could immediately observe a blood sample under the microscope and see the very dense rouleau and other toxic particles, unidentified particles, large clusters of crystals, activated mycoplasma, etc.

Just recently I read a new article that supports my own observations by Dr. Angus Dalgleish professor of oncology at St. George University of London where he said, “We have reason to warn people because the Covid booster may be causing aggressive cancer metastasis.” He explains that as a practicing oncologist. He is seeing people with stable diseases rapidly progress in a bad manner after being vaccinated. He showed an impressive scan figure taken before and after 8 days post-vaccination showing a huge diffusion of increased metastasis. This really proves my observations with my patients. Despite the accumulation of serious side effects and deaths, the health authorities keep silent.

Pic #3: Electron Microscopy: Highly magnified strange crystallike
nanostructures. (Published from a series of lab slides.) It looks like fiber
structures, supposedly taken from blood clots extracted from people
who suddenly died. It definitely shows this so-called vaccine is not a
vaccine and dangerous to the health of human beings.
-Courtesy of Mike Adams.  

How the Vaccine Can Damage the P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene

Based on my 15 years of research experience and clinical application of tumor-suppressor genes with cancer patients together with reports and articles that I have published in various specialized magazines in the US and Germany, this vaccine may have a negative effect by inactivating various tumor-suppressor genes such as P53, the guardian against cancer (The P53 gene is mutated in over 50% of all cancers and reactivating P53 wild type is considered today as an anticancer therapy). In fact, several factors can mutate the P53 gene such as insecticide, tobacco, and pollution. What about the vaccine!? One other consequence is the damaging effect on mitochondria function by vaccines, which is the key to aerobic life on this planet. We know today that mitochondria are associated with cancer, as demonstrated by Otto Warburg (1929 Nobel Prize winner) with the theory of cellular respiration, now taken into serious consideration as being the key to how cancer starts.

Mitochondria synthesize the molecular energy ATP required by the 30 trillion cells to accomplish their minute function. Depending on the organ’s function like the liver, muscle, or heart, their cells may contain from 400 to 5000 mitochondria. As we age, we begin to have fewer mitochondria. A 60-year-old person has 50% fewer mitochondria than a young person and therefore produces much less ATP energy. One of the common symptoms after several vaccinations is deep fatigue, which can be explained by a decrease in ATP production. This may also explain what is going on today with juveniles, particularly the ones who at 15-25 years of age died suddenly from heart collapse.

Now speaking again about the P53 tumor suppressor gene, I am not the only one having this theory since two researchers, Jiang and Mei cautioned in a paper that the mRNA spike protein would likely have the same effect as the viral spike protein on P53 gene and therefore cause cancer. This is very serious and should be taken into consideration since cancer rates in the US are exploding with several forms of cancer, especially breast cancer. This can also be seen elsewhere. 

From what we do observe in the blood of vaccinated people, including juveniles, adults, and the elderly should be alerted to be cautious before taking this vaccination. Further investigation should be done especially since people should be oriented in other directions. People need to be educated and not live under a climate of fear and manipulation by the media to oblige people to be vaccinated and do nothing else. Even people vaccinated and contaminated who didn’t die suffer many side effects both physically and psychically and need to recover their health. This is the real answer to fight any epidemic. What the government is doing now both in Europe and the US will have heavy future consequences. We need healthy people and especially healthy children and not a planet with only sick people.

The Future Can Be Dramatic If We Do Not Change Something About How to Handle This Epidemic

The future can be dramatic if we do not change something in a way to understand and treat this epidemic since at this moment we just are doing wrong, just the opposite of what has to be done. Instead of improving our natural immunity, we destroy it and become even more vulnerable in the coming years against other types of epidemics and against cancer. Virologists and biologists have strongly suggested that the best protection against the covid-19 virus is to increase the body’s defense, especially by activating the natural killer cells (NK cells),  particularly those dysregulated in Covid-19 patients.

NK cells have become the focus of interest since the initial reports of SARS-Cov-2 infection and suggested by various virologists and biologists have suggested NK cell-based therapy.  

What Are Natural Killer Cells?

Natural killer cells (NK cells) are a type of cytotoxic lymphocytes distinct from B and T cells that bridge the innate and adaptive immune system. Unlike other immune cells, NK cells require no special instructions to recognize specific antigens or cancer cells since they can recognize them directly without previous sensitization. Therefore, NK cells are very important since they can very quickly attack cancer cells or other infected cells.

Usually, NK cells patrol blood circulation at rest however in the presence of abnormal cells, they activate very quickly, bind to cancer or other infected cells, and release cytotoxic granules known as granzymes and perforin that penetrate the membrane and induce the destruction of the bad cell. NK cells are known as our protector against cancer since low NK cell activity is associated with higher cancer risk—as demonstrated by an 11-year prospective cohort study in the Japanese general population with several thousand people over a 4-year period.  The bad news is that with age, NK cell activity decreases. This is why the elderly are more susceptible to flu, infection, and cancer while other factors can decrease NK cell activity like stress, pollution, and bad food habits.

NK cells play an important role in viral infection. Dysregulation of NK cells has been observed in Covid-19 patients, the cells exhibiting depletion and dysfunction. NK cells would be more effective early in SARS-CoV-2 infection and prevent the progression of covid-19. NK cells could be used as a basic therapy for covid-19.

The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism suggests taking the following dietary compounds and vitamins: Vitamin A, D, E, B6, B12, Omega 3, selenium, and zinc. But other immune cell activities are also decreasing; this is why in elderly people vaccine is minimally effective or not since there is no immune response. We have examples now with increased deaths of aged persons infected by the SARS virus and even vaccinated they are the ones who died.

Natural Compounds for Covid-19

The best protection against covid-19 is through the intake of a number of natural compounds with anti-viral activity and/or boosting NK cell activity. It will be more efficient and safer compared to the actual vaccines. Several natural products, all largely documented have been reported to exert anti-covid-19 activity, including flavonoids, polyphenols, propolis, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, resveratrol, etc.  Now according to my experience, two natural compound boosters of the immune system especially NK cells with anticancer and anti-viral properties are most effective in protecting from infection with Covid-19 and also to reduce the progression of the disease, as follows: Biobran and organic germanium.

Biobran is an arabinoxylan-modified rice bran cultivated on shitake enzyme mycelium and manufactured by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in Japan is another natural product with great potential. Biobran supplementation is widely used as an anticancer agent with efficacy. A large number of researchers in Japan and other countries are engaged in studies that investigate the effect of Biobran-Rice Bran Arabinoxylan as a biological response modifier. In the US, Dr. Mandooh Ghoneum, an immunologist, and Head of the Dept. of Surgery, at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Sciences (California), has become of the world’s leading experts on RBAC and the immune system.

When orally taken, Biobran quickly activates NK cell activity. If you prescribe two grams of RBAC to volunteers, then you will see the curve of NK cell activity increase by about 60% after two weeks. If you continue you can achieve up to 300% or more in NK cell count and activity in cancer patients.

I am a fervent user of Biobran in my practice for the past 27 years. I have delivered seminars in several countries about Biobran as support in cancer treatment and recently have a new book published in English that offers in full detail information about the immune system, about RBAC, and other chapters about other compounds, including my clinical experience, and a special chapter with about 30 cases of cancer that I have treated in my clinic (see the references).

Now Biobran has been shown to reduce the incidence of influenza-like illness in elderly subjects. Biobran is also characterized as an antiviral agent with the ability to exert anti-HIV activity in vitro and significantly reduce the viral load in patients with chronic hepatitis and C-virus infection. Now the potential mechanism of Biobran against SARS-CoV-2 activity has never been previously studied and explored until now since Dr. Mandooh Ghoneum is conducting an in vivo human clinical trial of Biobran for Covid-19, which soon should be finished and published.

Biobran is a safe compound and can be taken for several years with no hyporesponsiveness or toxic effects. In such cases for protection 2gr of Biobran per day is suggested (2 sachets of 1gr each) diluted in a glass of spring water. So Biobran could be important as a prophylactic way to protect the body against infection.

Organic Germanium (AsaiGermanium). One other interesting compound that I have already widely discussed in a large article published in the Japan Medical Journal is the famous AsaiGermanium.  I also published another article about my experience with organic germanium in the US magazine Townsend Letter (see the reference). This germanium, a semi-conductor and semi-metallic compound, was developed under the unique formula of Dr. Asai (1908-1982) at the Asai Germanium Research Institute, which today is still researching the various therapeutic properties of this miraculous compound with a number of publications.

Dr. Asai recognized the potential benefits of organic germanium in human health when he discovered that medicinal plants with anticancer properties such as ginseng, shitake, bamboo mushrooms, comfrey, garlic, and chlorella contained very high natural concentrations of germanium. The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine reported that AsaiGermanium was found to be a dramatic immunostimulant capable of raising immune function and possesses anti-viral activity. AsaiGermanium induces interferon Y, which is important to stimulate immune cells such as macrophages but also NK cells. Experimentation shows that AsaiGermanium activates NK cells.

A group of nine healthy people were divided into three groups of three and each subject had an intake of 25, 50, or 100 mg/kg of AsaiGermanium and the NK cell activity was measured. Results: All groups showed that NK cell activity increased one day after ingestion of AsaiGermanium and that activity was maintained for four days thereafter.

One of the good effects of AsaiGermanium is to increase oxygen supply in the body so it improves cellular oxygenation thus the production of ATP which is badly needed for every minute of the body’s function. supports the immune system and helps the body to eliminate toxins. AsaiGermanium protects red blood cells from destruction acting also as a strong antioxidant.

Today most people are under stress from medium to strong permanent stress which can be dramatic since several chronic and degenerative diseases are associated with oxidative stress. Several systems can measure the level of oxidative stress from middle to strong before vaccination. What is the level of oxidative stress of the majority of persons?! Why not measure the level of oxidative stress let’s say after the second or third round of vaccine? On the other hand, people interned for treatment of Covid-19 and after release are under great oxidative stress, but nothing is done about it.

One of the bad effects of oxidative stress is the damaging effect on the body’s cell membranes. It especially decreases the activity of NK cells and other immune cells thus fewer results with the vaccine and also may open the door to cancer and more infection. Remember that NK cells are our first line of defense against cancer.

AsaiGermanium Reverses Oxidative Stress. I have experimented with AsaiGermanium to reverse oxidative stress and free radical activity in some patients by profiling their blood and observation of their red blood cell morphology with my microscope. Under oxidative stress, red blood cell membranes appear damaged, sometimes even broken from toxic free radicals. After an intake of 500 mg of AsaiGermanium for one week, red blood cells appear with a normal shape. In fact, being a semiconductor AsaiGermanium can stimulate cell function and increase their resistance to infection.

One important discovery is the fact that AsaiGermanium may stimulate the body’s repair mechanism. Previous literature reported that AsaiGermanium exerted an inhibitory effect on DNA mutation caused by x-rays. More detail about the biological and therapeutic effect of AsaiGermanium is included in the last article I am referring to and available online. However, I believe that AsaiGermanium is important for people that have suffered the toxic effects of the vaccination and other consequences on the DNA level since as explained AsaiGermanium can do DNA repair.

Outside of vaccination, we know that the SARS virus is affecting the brain of infected persons. People suffer from fatigue, depression, confusion, headache, and loss of memory. So in both ways, AsaiGermanium may be one important compound to use since from our experience it contributes to improving oxygen to the brain, supports the nervous system, induces the DNA repair mechanism, stimulates NK cell activity, etc.

AsaiGermanium is efficient in improving the Terrain, which is the first approach to treating any disease including viral disease. Remember what the famous French physiologist Claude Bernard said, and also the important but forgotten work of Antoine Bechamps, “The Terrain is Everything the Microbe is Nothing.” In a good terrain and good immune system bacteria or virus can hardly activate. According to Professor Louis Claude Vincent, father of Bioelectronic medicine, there is specific terrain for viruses and specific terrain for cancer. Cancer is dramatically increasing in this new generation, not only due to bad food and pollution but from the excess vaccinations on children that lead to a bad terrain turning over-oxidized and alkaline.  This is the way that we prepare the terrain for cancer and virus. The growing cancer pandemic is now about 17 million new cases worldwide. It will keep on growing like that unless we change our lifestyle and medicine becomes more efficient in treating patients differently. So today you vaccinate people with bad terrain, but with poor health status, you do not change anything. On the contrary, you make it worse. It’s like a fish in an aquarium getting sick because of the spoiled water so you are going to vaccinate the fish but not change the water.

Chlorella extract is also one good natural compound to include. This freshwater microscopic algae of the size of a red cell have originated on earth about 2.5-3 billion years ago and today remains unchanged.  Chlorella algae contain 20 different vitamins, minerals enzymes, amino-acid, nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) nucleotides, etc. Both nucleic acids and nucleotides may have immune-enhancing activities since it has been demonstrated that nucleotides enhance T-cell maturation and function and enhance natural killer cell activity. Also, several vitamins contained in chlorella algae also stimulate immune cells. Chlorella extract is particularly rich in iron, glutathione, and methionine for detoxification, very high in zinc, and vitamin C with anti-viral properties. It contains magnesium and is very high in phosphorus (989 mg/100 gr) for the nervous system and memory. It also contains complete amino acids. Chlorella algae, unlike spirulina, contain a nucleus and mitochondria to promote cellular energy, so division/replication can occur at the fantastic rate of 4 new cells every 17-24 hours. So as an example: Day 1- 4 cells; Day 5 – One thousand cells; Day 10 – one million; Day 15, one billion cells. Chlorella is one example of the rare vegetation on this planet, 100% free of pollution, insecticides, pesticides, etc. Sun-Chlorella grows in a giant culture pool on the Island of Okinawa with direct exposure to the sun and far from any pollutants.

So, we may understand the high nutritional value of chlorella extract. What is important is that chlorella extract is very rich in chlorophyll, the highest source of any other plant on this planet (28.9/Kg and increases by 25% the level of oxygen in the body); therefore, it not only boosts detoxification but increases the energy supply in the body, the same as organic germanium. Chlorella extract detoxifies heavy metals similar to organic germanium, thus the two compounds may work in synergy in any treatment but also can detoxify after vaccination and gain more energy. Both AsaiGermanium and chlorella are acting as DNA repair since chlorella contains nucleotide-peptides and nucleic acids for cellular repair. Prof Tuneo Kada of the National Institute of Genetics reported in 1982 that organogermanium can repair genetic damage caused by oxy-radicals.  However, one of the problems of chlorella algae is the very strong wall that offers protection to the DNA. For this reason, chlorella is poorly digested and absorbed in the body. In Japan, you can use chlorella extract from SunChlorella company that has developed a process (Dyno-Mill process) to break down the wall and therefore you can get the full benefit. In our clinic, we have used Sun-Chlorella for the past 30 years in various types of diseases like diabetes, anemia, rheumatism, cancer, physical distress, and fatigue. Children respond very quickly to chlorella extract. Some publications have shown the efficacy of chlorella extract with glioma in juveniles and indeed we have obtained some excellent results using AsaiGermanium+Sun-Chlorella extract together. I have published some illustrated cases in my book, Health and Disease Begin in the Colon, Featuring Professor Serge Jurasunas Natural Medicine.

Pic #4: How NK Cells Adhere to and Kill Infected Cells.

To Assess the Biological Terrain

You can assess the biological terrain using the bioelectronic theory of Jean Claude Vincent who developed the Bioelectronimeter device with an intake of urine, saliva or blood to be analyzed with a modern device developed by Mora (Germany) or the computerized device called the BTA S-1000 developed in the US. AsaiGermanium itself affects the three important biological factors that regulate the life of the human body such as pH, Rh2, resistivity (Rho), which can be measured with the Bioelectrometer device and therefore can modify factors that cause the disease. pH measures the degree of acidity. The Rh2 corrected potential reflects the quantity of electrons available and the oxido-reduction capacity The resistivity (Rho) gives an overall account of the quantity of dissolved mineral salts.  The science of bioelectronics demonstrates the value of Antoine Bechamps’ discovery and affirms that Pasteur was wrong. We have reason to believe that this epidemic is associated with two major factors.

We may say that the SARS-CoV-2 is not the prime cause of this epidemic and death of people because as we know people with good health, good immune systems, and good terrain are not infected by the virus. Also, today the intestinal microbiome is turning out to be central to maintaining many important functions in our body, including the immune system. Many scientific publications put in evidence the relationship between the microbiome and the progression of the disease. Taking of care the microbiome through fermented food and supplementation could be as important as the vaccine.

Today we are facing a world epidemic but the medical community didn’t learn anything since AIDS and other viral diseases, flu, etc., and kept concentrating on vaccination ignoring the immune system defense, the microbiome the terrain, and other factors that play a role as a barrier against Covid-19. So here we can understand how organic germanium can be important as protection against the virus and as a regenerator of the terrain for people who had been vaccinated but suffering from several physical and psychological disorders. Organic germanium increases energy level and strength with better recovery of patients. Today after the campaign of vaccination and lockdown, our society is facing a dramatic increase in depression, heart disease, cancer, and suicide that we should be more concerned about this since we are only at the beginning. So why not reduce the risk of being infected by taking AsaiGermanium since we know that there is a high risk of a new coronavirus in the future and more epidemic, Dr. Nakamura Atsushi of Nakamura clinic who also is in contact with the AsaiGermanium Research Institute has published several documents on AsaiGermanium and one on coronavirus available both in English and Japanese with details about several completed studies done concerning the prophylactic effect of AsaiGermanium on the virus.


One of the advantages of AsaiGermanium over other compounds is that the daily dosage can be easily increased with more benefit depending on the disorder.   For instance, if 250 mg is too weak you can use 500 mg, 750 mg, even 1000 mg, etc., while other compounds even with efficiency have limited daily dosages. We believe that vaccination alone is not the only solution. If you are infected by the virus or as prevention, you may also use as mentioned previously some natural compounds that have demonstrated antiviral efficacy together with immune stimulation. These include vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and selenium, which all have demonstrated efficacy to recuperate more quickly. As explained above chlorella extract contains most of the vitamins with antiviral activities.

A better food diet is recommended including fresh vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, miso, brown and red rice, red quinoa, fermented foods, Kombucha, nuts, etc. Many mushrooms have properties to boost the immune system and improve brain function, which we know today that Covid-19 disturbs brain function. This includes cordyceps porcini, lion’s mane, shitake, maitake, etc. All improve energy levels and reduce inflammation which is one factor triggered by the virus. Remember our health condition is associated with natural food intake, our lifestyle, and with our environment.

While treating any disease requires a total approach as taught by holistic medicine that looks at the body as a whole, including the mind and the spirit. We should recall the concept and oath of Hippocrates (2500 BC) the father of medicine: “First I will not harm my patient and will not give poison to pregnant women.”

Today people vaccinated three times are not healthy anymore; and if they are not dead, we assist them here in Portugal to a hospital situation, which is unable to handle the growing number of people in emergency rooms after being vaccinated. The worst is in oncology and cardiology where you have to wait up to several months for a consultation. Instead of building a healthier population, we now have a worsened and sicker population.


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About the Author

Professor Serge Jurasunas is an internationally well-known practitioner and private researcher in complementary oncology and molecular medicine—besides being a naturopath and fervent believer in irididology, nutrition, and detox since 1967. Serge Jurasunas, a Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, has devoted over five decades to treating all kinds of diseases and cancers of all types and grades, developing innovative therapies, and being a pioneer in several approaches.  He is a well-known lecturer and has traveled to more than 45 countries to deliver lectures and seminars. In Sri Lanka, he was invited by the Minister of Health to work in the hospital of Colombo, showing how he treats cancer disease. He was invited by the University of Vilnius, Lithuania, Faculty of Medicine to deliver a seminar on integrative cancer treatment for a large audience of medical doctors and immunologists.

Serge Jurasunas is the author of eight books in three languages, and he published over 150 papers and articles in the Townsend Letter and magazines in Germany, Croatia, Japan, Romania, Netherlands, etc.  Professor Jurasunas is the author of  Cancer Treatment Breakthrough. Immuno-Oncology Using Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound and of Health and Disease Begin in the Colon.