Asaigermanium and cancer 2

By Dr. Nakamura Atsushi (M.D.)

I’ve mentioned several times in my previous blog that Asaigermanium is effective for cancer. So why does it work? What is the mechanism?

In the first place, since the insides of the cancer is distant from the blood vessels and cell proliferation occurs, it results in shortage of oxygen supply and leads to hypoxia.
In fact, under hypoxic conditions, the immune system does not function properly.
This was already discovered by Dr. Hellström in the 1960s. He surprised the world by reporting that cancer cells and killer T cells coexist in the body of cancer patients.
Why is the immune system not attacking cancer cells? Research has been conducted around the world to elucidate the mechanism.

As a result, it was found that in a hypoxic environment created by cancer cells, the damaging activity of perforin and granzyme B produced by immune cells, and the suppression of differentiation through stimulation of interferon γ are seen.
In other words, it has been clarified that the surrounding of the cancer cells decrease in oxygen concentration due to ischemia which then allows proliferation of cancer cells as the immune system cannot function properly against the cancer.

This mechanism also explains why Asaigermanium works for cancer.
Organic germanium promotes the “destruction and regeneration” of red blood cells.
The blood is renewed by destroying old, rigid red blood cells and creating new, flexible red blood cells.

What is measured in a blood draw is simply the “number” of red blood cells.  But what’ important is its “quality” (and activity ).

Production of new red blood cells means the body changes, which is not an exaggeration.
Flexible red blood cells mean it can deliver oxygen and nutrients to the depths of the tissue and collect waste substances (such as carbon dioxide).  Well-oxygenated and nourished Tissues restore their original function.
It’s no coincidence that intake of Asaigermanium improves countless diseases and disorders.
After all, the core effect of Asaigermanium is the renewing of the whole body by production of new red blood cells.

Why did this happen?

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Mr. Takashi Nakamura, Asai Germanium Research Institute.
I said ” I read your blog about Dr. Okazawa.
Dr. Okazawa is alive and well , but had retired the practice a few years ago and is now in a facility.
Her body and mind is alive and well and each time I visit her, she always talk enthusiastically about germanium.”

Is that so. She is the author of “Heavenly Concern”, which was just a few years ago, so I thought she was still active in practice.
In her book, she introduces cancer treatment using Asaigermanium.
During the decades of clinical experience, countless cancer patients have regained health with Asaigermanium.
Since we see many cancer patients in our hospital, there was no way not to use Dr. Okazawa’s knowledge.
I asked Mr. Nakamura a question since I wanted to dive deeper into what was written in the book.

“I understand Dr. Okazawa uses germanium orally as well as an intravenous injection, but what is the percentage solution used? Could you please instruct us as I’m thinking of forming a solution with organic germanium powder dissolved in saline.”

“I think it’s difficult if the solution is not a neutralizing solution formula. Since the organic germanium is a moderately strong acid, if it is injected intravenously , it may cause acidemia which is dangerous. A neutralizing solution formulation was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company before but not anymore.”

Yes, Dr. Kazuhiko Asai was initially thinking of launching Asaigermanium as a specific medicine for cancer.
However, due to the thoughts of various organizations, conflicts of interest, and twists and turns, it has now settled down to be listed as a drug for chronic hepatitis, called Propagermanium (trade name: Serosion).
It was unfortunate not only for Japan but also for people all over the world that Asaigermanium was not approved as a cancer treating medicine using medical insurance, but instead was replaced by “chemotherapy drugs” that is nothing but poison. This misfortune is still currently ongoing.
In the aftermath of the surge, production of intravenous germanium preparations has been discontinued.
However, it is fortunate that the purchase of Asaigermanium is currently possible.
I asked Mr. Nakamura again.

“Again, Dr. Okazawa mentioned in her book that, continuously taking organic germanium 60 tablets/day orally for 2 months has healed a cancer.
If I use the organic germanium powder we have in our hospital, what would the conversion amount be? “

“Dr. Okazawa used the Asaigermanium in the capsule form. However, from by position, it is difficult for me to comment on using large doses.
Dr. Okazawa has a high dosage based on her clinical experience. And it may be an amount where side effects may have appeared when using on typical person. And if a high dosage of germanium is to be continued for several weeks, it will be relatively high cost, and maybe difficult financially.
As for me, I want to inform people of a dosage which can safely be taken.
However, Dr.Okazawa always said “Cancer is a disease that can be cured for 500,000 yen. “

The question is how to see this 500,000 yen.
Dr. Kazuhiko Asai’s wish was to deliver organic germanium to cancer patients at a lower cost. That’s why I aimed for insurance coverage, but that attempt was setback. If buying it, it is a bit expensive.
If I was a cancer patient, I will not consider taking the harmful chemotherapy drugs, but without any hesitation I would purchase the organic germanium to help treat my cancer.
But in the end, this will depend on the individual’s values.

Next time, I will dig a little deeper into the relationship between Asaigermanium and cancer.

Above is the English translation of an article by Dr. Nakamura Atsushi. For original article in Japanese language click here