Asaigermanium and cancer 3

By Dr. Nakamura Atsushi (M.D.)

You may have learned from high school biology that there are two types of respiration, external and internal respiration. External respiration is what is called breathing. Inhaling and exhaling your breath.
On the other hand, internal respiration refers to respiration performed by cells to produce energy. Its core lies in mitochondria. However, these respirations are not necessarily different.

For example, it is said that those who engage in the work of pottery in the ceramic industry have a high incidence of bladder cancer. There are two reasons.
One is the exposure to chemicals used in dyes, etc. , and the second is the lack of oxygen.
Large amounts of oxygen are consumed when firing the pottery, but they need to continue working near the burning kiln for hours. The decrease in oxygen intake by external respiration causes dysfunction of internal respiration (mitochondrial respiration), leading to carcinogenesis.

But why the bladder?

At first glance, if the effects of oxygen deficiency appear, it seems that the lungs and heart are likely to be burdened, but why does the bladder have cancer?
I remember the pathology class taken at the medical school.
The cells that line the interior of the bladder are quite special among the cells of the whole body and are particularly called “transitional epithelium”.

When urine accumulates in the bladder and the cell surface stretches and becomes thin, it becomes a stratified squamous epithelium like skin, but when urine is excreted and the bladder becomes empty, it becomes a multi-row ciliated epithelium like the intestinal mucosa.
In other words, the bladder epithelium is called “transitional epithelium” because it moves back and forth between its extremes.

Yes, the bladder is mucosal and therefore susceptible to lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen can be taken as the meaning of being prone to cancer. This can be said by thinking oppositely. For example, have you ever heard of the name “heart cancer”? Probably not. It is difficult to make myocardial cells cancerous even in vitro. Cardiomyocytes that are abundant in mitochondria and hard in cell division are unlikely to become cancerous.
However, the mucous membrane is not like this.
Cells are constantly refreshed with several days in turnover, and cell division is active. Mucous membranes that secrete secretions in place of water(moisture) are particularly susceptible to cancer.

Over the past 50 years, the rise in colorectal cancer has not stopped. In the past, Japanese people consumed mainly vegetables and never had colorectal cancer.
It has been found that meat-derived glycans promote tissue inflammation and ischemia and promote carcinogenesis. The recent popularity of eating meat will likely increase the odds of getting cancer in the future.

Oxygen deficiency may lead not only to cancer but there may also lie other various diseases in the background, but oftenly, the lack of external respiration (and resulting lack of internal respiration) is not thought of consiously.
The awareness of “shallow breathing” and “lack of oxygen” is very difficult to hold. For example, a headache. There is ample evidence that, not to mention altitude sickness, hypoxia causes headaches.

So taking a deep breath is thought of. With being conscious of “Tanden”, inhale deeply and exhale deeply.
Repeat this several times. By doing that, many stubborn headaches may disappear just like that.
Loxonin(Loxoprofen) does not completely heal headaches. The first step is to take a deep breath right now.
If that doesn’t work, it’s time for organic germanium.

Generally, pain including headache, is often “tissue ischemia.” The tissue is appealing of its existence with pain and seeks appropriate care.
Asaigermanium enhances red blood cell production, and if oxygen becomes available, the pain will resolve by itself.

Now, are you aware that oxygen is not all same oxygen?
Although it may not be expressed scientifically accurate, oxygen has two forms. Oxygen at the anode (plus) and oxygen at the cathode (minus).

In the past, there was the unfortunate event of placing a premature infant in a treatment device filled with high concentrations of oxygen and causing frequent retinopathy of the premature infant, but this is the effect of anodic oxygen. Please know that all artificial oxygen is the anode.

On the other hand, oxygen produced by nature is a cathode. Remember the refreshing sensation of bathing in the forest, near a waterfall, or on the beach. That is the effect of rich cathode oxygen.
The function of Asaigermanium is the supply of oxygen through the regeneration of red blood cells, which is supplied in the form of cathodic oxygen. Here is the essence of organic germanium.

“ Consideration of Heaven: Salivary Ion Reaction Exploring the Source of Life ” (Joint author: Mieko Okazawa, Yoshitaka Otomo)

Above is the English translation of an article by Dr. Nakamura Atsushi. The original article is in Japanese language.