Effective Cancer Treatment Method by Dr. Serge Jurasunas

How Effective is AsaiGermanium in Cancer Patients

By: Dr. Serge Jurasunas ND, MD (hc), MD (Hom)
Professor of Naturopathic Oncology (USA)
World expert on the P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene.
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

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* Professor Dr. Serge Jurasunas awarded the Albert Schweitzer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine 2023

Below text is translated in English from French language.

Our Modern Medicine is Not for Creating More Health but Instead More Disease

Today we are confronted with a disease that medicine has still not succeeded in defeating, despite repeated promises, despite decades of research, and billions of dollars spent with enormous means implemented. Cancer has become a veritable epidemic and the forecasts for the future are even bleaker. 2 out of 3 people born today are likely to develop cancer.

In 2018, world cancer mortality reached 17 million deaths with an estimate of 22.2 million in 2030. In the USA a cancer patient dies every minute although often the patient has recourse to treatment in clinics considered among the best in the world such as Mount Sinai in Los Angeles or Anderson Clinic Center at the University of Texas in Houston. So where’s the problem? Oncology has anchored the theory and treatment of cancer in a paradigm based solely on the destruction of the tumor using toxic methods intended to destroy cancerous cells, asserting that cancer is only a disease of cellular DNA.

Thus the weapons of conventional oncology are based on surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and more recently immunotherapy, with many toxicity and efficacy complications remaining to be solved. While conventional therapy is relatively efficient in the elimination of primary tumors (although this may cause tumor recurrence), metastasis condition is still a failure and is responsible for 90% of cancer-associated mortality.

Too often the patient suffers from treatment side effects leading to sometimes more serious situations such as peripheral neuropathy, cardiomyopathy, phlebitis, and pulmonary embolism, often fatal for the patient. In addition, there is a determination to continue palliative chemotherapy treatments with patients whose disease is progressing.

Often patients develop anemia requiring hospitalization and blood transfusion. Others develop infections caused by a sudden drop in immune defense requiring hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics which then further weakens the patient. About 30% of mortality in cancer patients is linked to infections. There is no logical explanation for these processes because one could then use natural compounds to stimulate the immune system to fight anemia and prevent infections, for example, by using a substance such as organic Germanium.

It is therefore important to direct research towards more effective and, above all, less toxic methods while promoting means of protecting oneself against cancer. Today we have at our disposal a considerable number of results concerning research focusing on the properties anticancer of natural substances that act on different cancer mechanisms such as the immune system and apoptosis, for example. Some of these substances have surprising biological and regenerative properties, of which here I quote the organic Germanium Ge-oxy 132 (GeOxy132) of Dr. K. Asai, which I have known about for 49 years, which I consider to be one of the most powerful elements existing on the planet intended to treat cancer in conjunction with conventional treatment or when treatments are no longer effective. Of course, organic Germanium (AsaiGermanium) can be taken just as a health agent in smaller doses, today a priority in the face of diseases that have become a scourge in our society. We live in a world where disease predominates over health when we are supposed to have ultra-modern medicine which unfortunately is turning into an industry.

The Discovery of Germanium:

Germanium, a semi-metal was discovered in 1886 by the German chemist, Clemens Winkter in Germany. This new element discovered in the soil, in this case in a mineral, argyrodite (we will see later in coal) bears the Latin name given by the German chemist Germania, then Germanium. Germanium is a semi-metal and semiconductor with electro-dynamic properties formerly used for the development of radio transistors. Germanium has an atomic weight of 72.6, an atomic number of 32-Ge, and a density of 5.6.

In 1946 a Japanese chemical scientist Dr. Kazuhiko Asai (1908-1982) working for a petrochemical company analyzed layers of fossils from the Carboniferous period and found traces of Germanium, a substance that he had heard of it from reading certain works published in the USSR. This discovery gave him something to think about because he thought that the Germanium contained in coal had a plant origin that began 350 million years ago with the deep transformation of organic plant matter. We know that the human body contains the same 4 elements that are found in the earth and everywhere in the universe which are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Carbon represents 12% of the atoms of the human body. Coal contains up to 90% carbon. Now Germanium belongs to the same group as carbon.

The Four Universal Elements:

Hydrogen is another compound of the human body that was formed during the Big Bang and all other vital elements were thrown into space after the supernova explosion and black holes that gave birth to our universe and life on our planet. Although not an essential element of the human body, the Germanium contained in nature and especially plants represent first a connection with the cosmos and then with man, which can act as a repairing element being contained in plants and other foods.

Modern mankind lives in a society run by computers and seems not really to understand the place he holds in nature, even less his connection with the cosmos. In truth, he is part of nature’s unity not exclusion. Holistic medicine builds on all these elements and connects man to nature and the cosmos that poses rules the same as our body. If we remove a single element intended for our life on the planet, we will die, that is to say, the oxygen, or the water or the soil to grow our food, and even the trees because they produce oxygen and would all be poisoned by the pollution they absorb (C02). Everything on the planet is necessary because it is an integral part of life and our existence, so Germanium in my opinion is an element of nature intended for mankind that plays the role of a regenerator or natural remedy.

It also seems that Germanium has a plant origin since its content in the earth’s crust is very low. There are also quantities of Germanium in certain thermal waters. Dr. Asai had analyzed the water of Lourdes in France which contains Germanium. A further example was in Japan’s Yamabuki water, where people recover their health by taking this water cure. In Poland, the water from health resorts in the Sudeten Mountains contains Germanium, known to have curative powers. Thus, nature itself contains forms of natural medicine to maintain or restore health.

Dr. Asai also had the brilliant idea to analyze several medicinal plants with anti-cancer properties to find out that they contained Germanium which he published in his book “Miracle Cure: Organic Germanium” of which here is a list:

Ganoderma (Lingshing) 1000-2500 PPM
Self Fungus (Trameter Cinnabaruna en) 800-2000 PPM
Ginseng (Korea) 750 PPM
Ginseng (Japan) 250-320 PPM
Garlic 750 PPM
Comfrey 152 PPM
Waternut (Trapa Japonica Flerov) 239 PPM
Chlorella 76PPM

Some ginseng grown in Korea contains in their root, a fantastic percentage of Germanium reaching 4000 PPM. (1 PPM equals 1 microgram of Germanium per gram of plant material.).

We can then understand that Germanium is an important element intended to protect plants against viruses and other harmful insects. Besides, organic Germanium has, as we will see, anti-viral properties.

Let’s not be surprised that Dr. Asai’s main goal was to produce organic Germanium for cancer treatment. His discovery should have been awarded the Nobel Prize. However, in 1974 he was elected a member of the New York Academy of Science.

My Meeting with Dr. Kazuhiko Asai:

I am a researcher and practitioner who has been treating cancer for over 50 years using non-toxic treatments and protocols. I opened my first consulting office in 1973 and later my clinic in 1978 in Lisbon. Although I opened my first consulting office in Montreal Canada in 1967 but only for a couple of years before I decided to return to Europe. Patients came from several countries to be treated with my methods as well as many doctors who came to study how I treat cancer. However, I have been interested in Germanium since I met with Dr. Asai in 1974 because at that time, I was beginning to become interested in natural cancer treatments. With a group of colleagues, we organized an International Congress of Natural Medicine in Aix-en-Provence, France. Dr. A. Vogel, a great Swiss pioneer of the last century, told me about Dr. Asai and a new substance to treat cancer, suggesting that I invite him. This extraordinary man accepted the invitation for this long trip, at the time, a 24-hour flight, and presented his theme: Chinese Plants in the Treatment of Cancer. Of course, he talked about plants containing Germanium and about his organic Germanium which he used in his clinic, the Asai Research Institute in Tokyo.

At that time, he had developed organic Germanium or code name “GeOxy132” to treat cancer, simultaneously realizing that his Germanium can treat other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, viral infections, and even Raynaud’s disease. Intuitively, I immediately understood the importance of Germanium to treat cancer in addition to other diseases. I befriended Dr. Asai who often mentioned his participation in our congress in his book and other publications. The following year, we invited Dr. Asai to an even larger conference we had organized in Switzerland. Subsequently, Dr. Asai offered me 2000 sachets of his Germanium powder to try with my patients, along with his collaboration, which I will talk about later on in-depth.

Dr. Kazuhiko Asai’s Organic Germanium (AsaiGermanium):

Germanium looks like a metal but is classified as a silvergrey colored semi-metal with electromagnetic properties. Dr. Asai succeeded in extracting Germanium from coal coming from the Upper Katanga mine in Africa and worked for years with his team at the Asai Germanium Research Institute to try to transform unassimilable inorganic Germanium, which is also toxic into organic Germanium with anti-cancer or regenerative properties, sans toxicity.

In his book, Dr. Asai explains the process of Germanium extraction, and how in 1967 he and his team finally succeeded for the first time in the world in synthesizing inorganic Germanium into organic Germanium with the chemical formula of the Germanium molecule, carboxyethyl Germanium sesquioxide, which is comprised of three atoms of oxygen on each Germanium molecule. The carbon content allowed Germanium to be soluble in water. Ge-132 which often appears on labels corresponded to the development number from the Asai Germanium Research Institute.

My First Germanium Book:

In 1990, I decided to first publish a book in French on Germanium after having widely used it on my patients with all types of disease for 16 years. “Germanium, An Answer to Cancer and Aids”. I felt it was important to present my experience in which I presented a large number of cases successfully treated with Germanium from the Asai Germanium Research Institute in Japan, today called AsaiGermanium or OrganoGermanium not to be confused with toxic inorganic Germanium or Germanium Dioxide, currently sold on the market without any beneficial effects on the organism, especially in cases where a disease has to be treated.

The difference between organic and inorganic Germanium is found in the structure. This is the main reason since that time, which we still find today, there is false information published on the internet all over the world aiming to present organic Germanium as a substance not only toxic but dangerous. There have been some accidents and deaths caused by renal failure caused by the ingestion of toxic Germanium with doses of 600mg for 18 months by elderly, weak, and sick people (and not middle-aged sick people for example). There have been no cases whatsoever with GeOxy132 from the Asai Germanium. This report published in 1987 by Okada et al. greatly damaged the reputation of Dr. Asai’s Organic Germanium. However, 2 years later Okada reversed his position by demonstrating that organic Germanium was non-toxic and safe compared to inorganic Germanium. Nevertheless, the damage was done and the international medical community did not take into account the new announcements from Okada’s report and continued to attack Germanium.

Many Germanium products bearing the label of GeOxy132 or GE132 (GE-132) are intended to stimulate sales but have no relation with Dr. Asai’s genuine Organic Germanium which does not cause any side effects or kidney disorders. Toxicological tests clearly show the harmlessness of Organic Germanium. After 20-30 hours passes, no trace of Germanium is found in the body. Even after 90 minutes, there is only a very small amount of Germanium in the kidneys of the order of 15.00ppm, therefore insufficient to damage the kidneys. In 2018, I wrote an article in the Townsend Letter Magazine, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine (USA) at the request of the editor for the January issue, giving details about this problem. It was 13 titled, “My Experience with Organic Germanium and Cancer”. In addition, the Asai Germanium Research Institute had published several articles on Germanium, including one concerning the toxicological evaluation of Germanium sesquioxide. A toxicological evaluation of Germanium sesquioxide (Organic Germanium), putting an end to the false warning against Organic Germanium. This decades-old problem had created such an adverse climate that even today, many doctors in the USA are afraid to use Germanium with their patients. It is necessary to clarify this situation with doctors and even patients and to understand the difference between Organic Germanium like that of Dr. Asai with commercial or inorganic Germanium sold on the market for the most part without therapeutic effects as I have observed on many occasions.

As an example, one day a few years ago I received a phone call from Italy from a medical doctor (surgeon) who told me that he prescribed Germanium to one patient with cancer of the larynx, but after two months he saw no result and been disappointed. I told him if possible to fly over to Lisbon and spend a few days with me to learn. He then came to my clinic and brought along this Germanium product that in fact was not real Germanium but a yeast grown on Germanium, with Geoxy132 on the label, with a dose of 5mg. While there was no toxicity, this fake product was far from being an efficient Germanium that would improve the patient.

I recall here that Dr. Asai’s Ge-132 which today is called AsaiGermanium, with more than 40 years of research and development; particularly at the Asai Germanium Research Institute is the only organic Germanium that has been confirmed as non-toxic and safe. It is the only organic Germanium to be recognized with a certificate of registration as a benefit for public health by the Japan Health and Nutritional Food Association (see reference #1).

There is a big difference between the premium quality product we use to obtain results with patients and products put on the market just to be simply sold. Since the beginning of my professional career, my policy has been to seek out the best natural substances intended for treating my patients. I want a visible result within 15-30 days after my treatment and this was one of the keys to my success in treating patients.

My Experience with Dr. Asai’s Organic Germanium:

My experience began in 1974 when Dr. Asai gave me 2000 sachets of his Germanium to prescribe to certain patients when I first established a small practice in Lisbon, Portugal a couple of years earlier. In 1978 I opened my first large clinic, and then a few years later relocated to a larger 3-story facility outside of Lisbon. I had more space to grow organic food to serve healthy meals and more classrooms for patients and teaching doctors coming from other countries who heard about my work in the field of cancer. I taught why and how I used Dr. Asai’s organic Germanium, unknown in Europe at that time. First, you must understand how Germanium acts in the body and in cancer. Dr. Asai explained that his Germanium increases oxygenation in the body and combines with hydrogen to be transformed into water and then eliminated through urine. He explained that stress and acidity decrease the oxygen level in the body while we know that stress also produces harmful free radicals in the body. Oxygen circulating in the blood carried by our red blood cells is necessary for the mitochondria, which are tiny organelles within the cell, described as the cell’s power laboratory that produces vital energy known as ATP.

This energy is required to activate all the functions of the body. ATP energy is necessary for cells to divide, differentiate, activate apoptosis, the immune system, etc. We need about 700-1000 liters of oxygen per day which is considerable, but it must be able to be fixed and then circulate. Oxygen deficiency and hypoxia may cause a cancer cell to switch to glycolysis to produce energy instead of the normal pathways of oxygen and cellular respiration, while Hypoxia obliges the tumor to build more blood vessels to grow faster and contribute to chemotherapy resistance.

Pollution, for example, carbon monoxide adheres to the hemoglobin, thus preventing the oxygen from fixing. An excess of viscosity in the blood, and the formation of red cells in aggregation or rouleaux make it more difficult for red cells to circulate into the smaller blood vessel to deliver oxygen throughout the body and the 300 trillion mitochondria…That leads to a state of fatigue, bad circulation in the legs and fingers, cognitive disorders, as well as chronic diseases. For instance, strong rouleaux are visible in the blood of people after being vaccinated against covid-19. AsaiGermanium impairs the formation of rouleaux or aggregation and also protects the red cell membranes from oxidation, as I have often observed in my special live blood microscope.

AsaiGermanium also has electromagnetic properties, which my experience has led me to believe stimulates mitochondrial function and increases a person’s ATP production and energy. Organic Germanium plays an antioxidant role (Nakamura et al 1985) by stimulating the production of the enzyme SOD (superoxide of dismutase) and catalase (see reference #4). SOD is the most important antioxidant enzyme in the human body since it is also the only enzyme synthesized in the mitochondria (MnSOD) to protect it from free radical damage which is formed in the presence of oxygen during the processes of cellular respiration. Typically, about 2%-5% of oxygen escapes during the process of the cellular respiration in the mitochondria giving rise to oxygen free radicals which can damage components of the mitochondria including DNA.

Several degenerative diseases and syndromes are attributed to mitochondria DNA mutations, including cancer. Mitochondria medicine is today widespread but is still limited to theoretical research, but already used by progressive doctors.

MnSOD will catalyze the disproportionate superoxide radical into a less toxic radical, hydrogen peroxide, which will then be converted into water by the catalyzed enzyme or glutathione. The accumulation of hydrogen peroxide which is toxic can mix with other compounds to form more toxic and dangerous free radicals such as the hydroxyl radical or peroxynitrite which is linked to degenerative diseases including cancer. SOD is more than just an antioxidant but also a major cause of cancer. In a newborn at the second of its birth, SOD and CAT increase their activity by 125% along with glutathione peroxidase, another antioxidant by 200%. At birth, the baby’s lungs are not prepared to cope with the rich oxygen atmosphere and must be defended, hence the increase in the percentage of SOD induction.

According to my theory and experience, lung cancer especially in smokers is caused by a significant reduction in SOD enzyme activity. As long as the SOD is active, it protects the lungs against the harmful effects of free radicals produced by tobacco. It also protects against air pollution and toxic fumes. Moreover, the cancerous cell itself is poor in SOD and glutathione compared to a normal cell, so it is necessary to treat cancer with SOD therapy. In fact, I think this may explain the effectiveness of Germanium with lung cancer as mentioned by Dr. Asai himself. I studied SOD extensively with an American, Larry Oberley, a world authority, as well as with Dr. Y. Niwa from Japan, a world-renowned immunologist with whom I had good contact. All three of us met with Joe McCord, PhD. at the 2nd International Conference on Superoxide Dismutase held at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, in May 2000. Joe Mc Cord is the researcher who discovered the SOD enzyme and initiated evidence of free radicals.

In another approach, research has shown that the atoms of organic Germanium bind to the membrane of red blood cells and protect them, particularly against radiation. Besides, I explained in my book in the chapter on leukemia that organic Germanium prevents the destruction of bone marrow tissue subjected to radiation, especially since recent studies had already shown that organic Germanium repairs the damage caused to cellular DNA. In 1982, Professor Tsuneo Kada of The National Institute of Genetics in Japan demonstrated that organic Germanium works as a powerful anti-mutagen against gamma rays inducing mutations in E.coli bacteria.

Through this mechanism, organic Germanium can repair the genetic damage and thus can protect against cancer and especially against radiation damage and chemotherapy treatments that attack both cancer cells and healthy cells causing further mutation. Excess viscosity, stress, defects in metabolism, and the accumulation of oxidized fat that attracts oxygen, chronic stress that retards oxygen transportation are some of the main leading causes of patient fatigue. Oxygen deprivation in the blood and then the lungs results from pathological blood coagulation or disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) involving a cascade of protein factors leading to excessive red blood cell aggregation caused by dietary factors, peroxide lipids, free radical activity, etc.

On the other hand, recent research by the Asai Germanium Research Institute shows that aged red blood cells can also stick together and are unable to enter peripheral blood vessels, again causing a reduction of oxygen to the tissues and the mitochondria.

It also creates a state of intoxication since toxins accumulate under conditions of poor blood circulation and less oxygen, which the body needs to eliminate. This is what I usually observed in a drop of a patient’s blood with our microscope, especially visible with aged persons. Most of them exhibited red cells in rouleau or even aggregation but were not shown in my medical analysis. Almost all of us today have oxygen deficiency, either living in polluted large cities, smoking, or under chronic stress, eating the wrong diet low in vegetables, intoxicating the body, etc.…that contribute to creating several organic discords in the body.

Live Blood Microscopy Analysis:

We observe the blood of our patients with a powerful high-resolution microscope with magnification up to 15000X allowing us to observe tiny particles as small as 5 microns, bacteria, or even the morphology of red corpuscles and to compare after a treatment. I have often experienced observing red blood cells with damaged membranes and abnormal shapes showing nutritional deficiency, free radical activity and low antioxidant defense, and poor functioning of the colon. With a dose of 300-500mg of AsaiGermanium per day for a week, we can greatly improve this red blood cell status and break down the rouleaux so we separate red cells from each other improving circulation and oxygen delivery. Abnormalshaped red blood cells resulting from free radical activity and low antioxidant status damage the membrane.

This can be 100% modified and reversed to normal morphology after taking AsaiGermanium. Organic Germanium is also effective in combating lipid oxidation caused by the ingestion of saturated fat caused by the presence of free radicals in the bloodstream. Here again, we find its antioxidant function. In Japan, Osawa et al (1984) demonstrated that organic Germanium inhibits the excessive production of lipid oxide generated by high dietary fat intake and low vegetable and fruit intake. Other studies conducted in Japan have demonstrated the role of organic Germanium related to the elimination of reactive oxygen substances or free radicals. For this, a team of researchers used Japanese monkey liver tissue as a model.

The experiments clearly demonstrated that organic Germanium suppresses the activity of enzymes that produce free radicals such as xanthine oxidase and at the same time stimulates the production of SOD and catalase. My observations with patients by taking a small drop of fresh blood on a glass slide and observation under our microscope often revealed damaged red cell membranes, broken membranes, damaged while cells, and oxidized lipid clusters from excessive free radical activity. Observations of thrombus are also common even in juveniles accustomed to McDonald’s hamburgers.

Thus, organic Germanium (OrganoGermanium) demonstrates its effectiveness in eliminating the clumps of oxidized lipids circulating in the blood. I’ll always remember a 10-yearold girl who ate red meat as regular food whose blood observation showed clusters of oxidized lipids and thrombus, that is, red blood cells with deformed membranes clumped together in the middle of long ribbons of oxidized lipids. After taking 200mg of organic Germanium (AsaiGermanium) per day, the second observation shows completely normal blood without the presence of oxidized lipids as well as red blood cells with normal morphology.

Germanium and the Immune System:

Germanium Ge-132 was developed by Dr. Asai to treat cancer and over the years has demonstrated significant anti-tumor activity in vitro on cancer cells and in vivo on animal models. On the other hand, research carried out since 1970 by the Asai Germanium Research Institute as well as several Japanese universities and research institutes carrying out tests on animals and humans shows that Ge-132 is a powerful stimulator of the immune system. In particular, Germanium stimulates the activity of killer cells or (NK cells) Natural killer cells, considered the most important immune cells for destroying cancer cells, and our first line of defense against cancer. An NK cell can destroy a cancer cell in 5 minutes and repeat 25 times before dying.

A study done in Japan to check on the activity of NK cells and Lymphocytes with 17 cases of cancer before and after the administration of organic Germanium demonstrate that a daily dose of 1000mg for 10 days increased the NK cell activity after the 3rd day. However this activity decreased after the 10th day, but with intermittent doses, more than half of the cases have maintained very high NK cell activity up to the 10th day. It further suggests the superiority of intermittent treatment with organic Germanium in clinical observation (Japanese study not translated in English; see the figure in Japanese). But it further shows that organic Germanium quickly increases the activity of NK cells to fight cancer cells.

For more than twenty years, NK cells have attracted particular attention from researchers around the world to discover their activity as an anticancer agent in the destruction of cancerous cells. Cancer has been shown to be a disease of the immune system, with this new century already highlighting the immune system in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Previously in my book on Germanium published in 1990, I appeal to modern medicine to consider the immune system as an important consideration in the treatment of cancer.

In individuals with cancer, it has been shown that the activity of NK cells is reduced by 50% or even more, compared to a healthy person. With age, the activity of NK cells decreases hence the greater risk of cancer in the elderly. These cells constantly patrol the blood and the lymph in a state of rest, but if they detect an intruder, they immediately activate to destroy it. For example, AsaiGermanium induces the production of interferon-y which then activates NK cells. (Read Effects of AsaiGermanium on immunity- Asai Germanium Research Institute). I have spent at least 25 years studying the NK cells in relation to cancer. The NK cells are superior to other immune cells because first they need no antigen prior to recognizing cancer cells or bacteria like other immune cells, so they can act very quickly. Additionally when active, the NK cell itself will stimulate other immune cells such as macrophages, B-cells, and dendritic cells.

I have given several international conferences and published many articles on this subject. In addition to stimulating NK cells, organic Germanium stimulates the production of macrophages, T cells, lymphocytes, and interferon-y for the fight against viral diseases. Thus, Organic Germanium plays a decisive role in immunooncology. However, it must be remembered that organic Germanium has, I repeat, electro-magnetic properties to fight cancer cells. The human body is a mass of tiny electric particles in constant vibration like the cosmos elsewhere. The human being itself is a tiny reproduction of the cosmos and each organ of the body has its own electrical potential disturbed in the event of illness.

Dr. Asai’s Germanium will restore the electrical potential of a sick organ and restore balance to the organism. In cancer, the potential of the cancerous cell is very different from that of a normal cell. This potential at the membrane level is very high since the cancerous cells multiply rapidly. The organic Germanium will eliminate the electrons in the membrane and thus reduce the electrical potential and thus decrease the accelerated rate of growth of the cancerous cell. The cancerous cells then become less resistant and easier to be attacked by NK cells or chemotherapy which will destroy them by apoptosis.

Germanium, like other crystals scattered on the surface of the earth, has a magnetic resonance. The electrons of Germanium have unique properties that are not found in any other atom. This atom is also surrounded by an electric and vibratory field giving it exceptional qualities for recharging our body with energy and treating illnesses. On this subject, Dr. Asai has made an interesting experiment with discharged automobile batteries. He filled these batteries with Germanium and the car engine started.

Cancer is not a disease that can simply be treated by using toxic chemotherapy which is not selective with damaging effects on healthy cells. It induces medium to strong side effects which weakens the patient. Often the patient does not respond to treatment because the cancer cells are resistant. After several months of treatment or even after a relapse of the disease, chemotherapy can, on the contrary, accelerate metastasis because it increasingly decreases the immune function, and stimulates inflammation, which may become chronic, favoring disease progression.

Logically, for example, by using Dr. Asai’s Germanium, we can simultaneously attack cancer in several directions and support the functions of the body, detoxify, activate immune defenses, including the NK cell, and restore energy levels and the patient nerve function. In this way, the patient regains strength to better support the chemotherapy and make it more effective. Important: OrganoGermanium is effective in strengthening the disturbed nervous system, often seen in many patients especially women with breast cancer.

Recently I saw on a Google search that Germanium causes fatigue and even anemia. This is absolutely false and even ridiculous because, on the contrary, in a tired person, taking a dose of 300-500mg of AsaiGermanium per day restores energy after a few days while fighting anemia. I offer two examples published in my book.

This first case (Figure 12) was the 11-year-old child diagnosed with brain cancer. He underwent 3 surgeries and radiotherapy but without result. The doctor announced to the parents that there is no more hope with a maximum of one year of life. At first, I did not want to deal with this case thinking it was hopeless. But the father insists and so I suggest that he try Dr. Asai’s Germanium for 2 months. I treated him for a year. A new scan revealed no trace of the tumor. Later, this boy took a course in medicine and his sister became a Naturopath influenced by my work but I did not see her again afterward.

In a second case ( Figure 13 below) , a 6-year-old boy was diagnosed with a 7cm Wilms’ tumor in the thorax. The parents refused surgery and chemotherapy, as they were simple people from the countryside. I took up the challenge to treat it with Dr. Asai’s Germanium, enzymes, vegetable juices, and a better diet. After 7 months of treatment, the tumor has completely disappeared, and neither surgery nor chemotherapy was required. After 39 years, the boy became a man, got married, and is a father of 2 children. He continues to come to consult me with his family. His story with photos taken in 1983 and at different intervals with his family was published in my book, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon: Featuring Professor Serge Jurasunas’ Natural Medicine”.

I now remember the case of my own oldest son when he was a boy, during the time Dr. Asai was still living; he developed a serious lung infection and had to be hospitalized. Of course, was taking antibiotics. His medical doctors were surprised about how quickly he recuperated. The new X-rays showed clean lungs, but why? Simply, because we gave him AsaiGermanium every day. I forgot this story but searching my memory, some old cases particularly this story came back. Today at 59 years he is both an Iron Man Triathlon, and underwater fishing champion, having even been invited to New Zealand for competition. He also participates to a crazy 24 hour bicycle marathons. It requires a lot of energy and strong mental stamina to ride a bicycle during a 24 hour event.

The next case was a 60-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer. The blood values had fallen so low with the chemotherapy treatments that she required blood transfusions. Too weak, she stopped chemotherapy.

1st Blood Analysis:

Red blood cells: 2700.000
White blood cells: 1.850
Hemoglobin: 5.6
Lymphocytes: 11

2nd Blood Analysis:

After 3 days of treatment with a daily dose of 300mg of AsaiGermanium from Dr. Asai.

Red blood cells: 4500.000
White blood cells: 4600
Hemoglobin: 11
Lymphocytes: 35

On the contrary, we can see a great improvement in blood values. In addition, the patient feels much better with more strength, so it is difficult to say that Germanium causes anemia and fatigue. I have treated many cases of leukemia with Ge-Oxy132 and so on the contrary we significantly improve the blood parameters. I personally from time to time, when tired from my work take AsaiGermanium for a few days to increase my energy level. While I felt much stronger, it also improved my cognitive capacities.

One of the other advantages of Germanium is it also has an analgesic effect with patient pain reduction by stopping the electrons that leave the nerve cells for the brain. In addition, Germanium stimulates the secretion of endorphins to relieve pain (see the reference). I remember cancer patients suffering from heavy pains being obliged to take morphine to relieve the pain. In one of them, a female with advanced cancer and metastasis condition including to the bone, after 2 months of treatment with Germanium, she no longer needed morphine.

With my treatment, she lived an extra 12 years with a good quality of life. Another action of Germanium that Dr. Asai explains in his book is its ability to strengthen bone density. Moreover, more recently confirmed by studies made by the Asai Germanium Research Institute on the physiological functions of Ge-132. (See references) I observed this result in patients undergoing chemotherapy where the scintigraphy showed a loss of bone density in the legs but corrected with the treatment with organic Germanium and visible after the second scintigraphy.

Germanium has many other properties such as eliminating heavy metals that poison almost all humans on the planet. Almost all people living in large cities and even elsewhere are poisoned by mercury, lead, arsenic, etc. Even the infant in the embryo stage is already intoxicated with heavy metals. Thanks to its cubic structure with three negative ions, Germanium will trap heavy metals with a positive charge, like caught in a net.

Being soluble and a semi-conductor, Germanium will be discharged, dragging toxic metals with it. Nevertheless, coming from my own experience and the results obtained leads me to think that the immunomodulatory and anti- inflammatory properties are not sufficient to explain such results obtained with AsaiGermanium compared to other substances or Asian mushrooms known to possess immunological properties.

In my opinion, one cannot neglect to think that organic Germanium has electromagnetic properties acting on the membrane of the cancerous cell while regenerating the energies of the organism.

This can be demonstrated by carrying out electromagnetic energy tests on the patient using either the Voll or Mora device which I have used for many years. Furthermore, according to my experience and again repeat that AsaiGermanium probably activates the function of mitochondria and stimulates the production of ATP energy. However today science is taking with more interest the link between cancer and mitochondria and restoring mitochondria function seems a new way to fight cancer..

In cancer, the number of mitochondria is greatly reduced compared to mitochondria in normal cells and thus becomes more and more resistant. It is now proven that chemotherapy does not only cause side effects but irreparable damage to mitochondria. For this reason, treatment with Dr. Asai’s OrganoGermanium first helps to repair genetic damage, then stimulates the production of ATP and restores normal functions in the body, and restores energy to the patient

How Effective is Germanium in Cancer Patients?

My experience with Germanium began as I mentioned in 1974 although there was a period when Germanium was banned in Europe and considered dangerous, but still available in the USA, from different sources. But I repeat, for the most part, that the Germanium especially available on the internet is without any effectiveness in treating cancer or another disease. Patients seek to obtain cheap Germanium, precisely on the internet but they will not have any benefit. In fact, I looked on the internet and most Organic Germanium offered with a discounted price is only to increase sales and get profit but not to treat patients. Those fake organic Germanium products are selling without quality and false publicity. Furthermore, discount pricing attracts people, which is terrible. “AsaiGermanium” is the only real Organic Germanium in the world, and other Organic Germaniums selling on the internet are fake. I had the good fortune to use Dr. Asai’s Germanium with large numbers of patients and observed rapid and remarkable results. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for my success in treating patients that expect some quick results. Many of my patients after 45 years are still coming to my clinic for consultation.

My first patient whom I had treated with Dr. Asai’s GeOxy132 for the first time was a man in his fifties diagnosed with a pituitary tumor who had lost 90% of the vision in his left eye. The operation to extract the tumor was scheduled for the week after the consultation. The patient was afraid, not reassured, and refused the surgery. I then explained to him the possibilities with this new substance that I had never used before but had the intuition of its great effectiveness. So, the patient accepted it and I took the risk. I prescribed him 300 mg of Germanium per day for 30 days. After 30 days, the patient completely recovered his vision and after 2 months by continuing the dose of 300mg of Germanium per day, the tumor had disappeared. This first experience showed me the great efficiency of Dr. Asai’s Germanium. Then later, I successfully treated many patients with various diseases, such as scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, and lung or simply rachitic children of which I give illustration examples in my book titled, “Health and Disease Begin in the Colon” (Available on Amazon).

I would make oncologists cringe but at that time I had total remissions of pancreatic and still do today. Besides, Dr. Asai gives examples in his book about patient lung cancers. At the congress of Aix-en-Provence in 1974, he presented the result of 20 cases of lung cancer with 90% remission which, moreover, left the audience extremely perplexed, as such a result with a substance that was unknown at the time. I have explained why organic Germanium could be so effective in treating lung cancer. Certainly, further research in this direction is needed. Scleroderma is a terrible incurable disease characterized by an overproduction of collagen and damage to the blood vessels which causes disorders within different organs.

It causes great physical and psychological suffering for the patient because the disease causes a hardening of the skin (fibrosis) and an alteration of the affected organs such as the stomach. 47 years ago, a young woman came to see me with pain, diagnosed with scleroderma. Immediately she began to improve with a dose of 400 mg of Germanium per day for several months if I remember correctly. Today, this person is still alive; she came to consult me on May 5, 2022, because obviously with aging she does not feel well, so I prescribed AsaiGermanium to her at a dose of 1000 mg per day. 47 years later it is still a very good score for an incurable disease.

At the same time, another case of a 17-year-old girl with scleroderma. The doctor announced to the mother that her daughter will only live two years maximum and advised her to make her travel. I treated her with Dr. Asai’s Germanium and 6 months later she was cured. When I wrote my book, this young girl was married and was a mother of 2 children.

I remember the story of a 35-year-old priest diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). He could no longer hold a pencil to write. I prescribed 400mg doses of Dr. Asai‘s Germanium for a year. Little by little the priest was improving and was able to resume a normal life. After 4 years, he was in perfect health, and then he became my great friend. Two cases particularly that I talk about in my book have remained in my memory as an example of the healing power of Dr. Asai’s Germanium.

In his book “Miracle Cure: Organic Germanium”, in the chapter on pregnancy, Dr. Asai gives the case of a pregnant woman diagnosed with leukemia and strongly advised by her doctor to have an abortion. But she decides to do a treatment with Dr. Asai’s Germanium which had an excellent result with a cure, giving birth to a beautiful boy.

But in my book, I give such an example with a 3 months pregnant 23-year-old woman, diagnosed with leukemia and a tumor in the uterus. At that time the doctors did not know what to advise her. She chose treatment with 400mg of Dr. Asai‘s Germanium per day with a diet. Then, I did not see her again until the day when 10 years later she came to see me with her 10-year-old son, a very handsome boy whose photo I published.

Often Dr. Asai called his Germanium a miraculous substance and I, myself could believe it. This was also a more recent case (Figure 15 below) of a 7-year-old girl that I treated a few years ago with a glioblastoma stage II. She had undergone 3 surgeries, but each time the tumor grew again even bigger, following each session of chemotherapy and radiation with no effect.

She had even been to Paris. The mother decided to seek alternative treatment elsewhere. The young girl had almost lost her speech for a year and could not eat normally, but only with a tube. She could not even raise her arms.

Looking at the photo from her first consultation one can understand her suffering. Now see how she looked in the 2nd photo after several months of treatment including organoGermanium and my own care to help her psychologically. I have published other cases of children in my book with photos showing surprising results, which should be an example when we know that so many children are diagnosed with brain tumors with risk of cancer, but they are, after all, the future of our society.

More recently, I cite the case of a woman living in Belgium with advanced cancer of the ovaries with metastasis in the lungs. Her husband asked me for help because, in addition, his wife needs to breathe oxygen every 20 minutes. After a week of Dr. Asai’s Germanium with a dose of 1000mg she only needs to breathe oxygen every 4 hours. A big difference showed that Dr. Asai’s Germanium increases the oxygen capacity in the body.

Finally, the last case with a 63-year-old patient diagnosed in April 2022 with pancreatic cancer, a large tumor 5.9x 2.75 cm, metastases in the lymph nodes, and multiple nodules in the liver. The CA.19.9 markers are extremely high, 12468 U/ml despite chemotherapy.

After a month of my treatment (without Germanium) the markers drop to 9762 U/ml which is excellent. But then, I advised him to order the AsaiGermanium in 250mg capsule directly from Japan and take a dose of 1000mg per day. With this new treatment, the values dropped considerably.

CA 19.9 12765 U/ml- 9400 U/ml-7875-4345 U/ml 2400
U/ml -877 U/ml- 379 U/ml and the last test in June2022
120 U\ml (normal range 37 U/ml)
Gama GT. (liver) 400 U/L-200 U/L-172 U/L-140U/L-/
(normal range 37 U/L

It has been demonstrated that organic Germanium inhibits the formation of free radicals in the liver and thereby improves blood values which is the case with this patient. After one month of treatment with a 1000mg dose of Dr. Asai’s organoGermanium, the liver metastases are virtually eliminated and the tumor has shrunk to the size of a kidney bean. It can be seen that Dr. Asai’s Germanium is truly unique and capable of giving such a result which, moreover, has left oncologists without explanation. Of course, the patient is not finished with his treatment, but we can still hope for a remission in the months to come. As mentioned now CA19.9 dramatic decrease in 3 months from 12468 U\ml to 120 U/ml.

Was there any interest from oncologists to learn about this case and why such a decrease and results?

Oncology, although modern and having made great progress, is far from being sufficient and remains without an answer or means in the face of difficult cancers such pancreatic, lung, brain, and especially cancers with metastases but whose results can really be improved by using natural anti-cancer substances together like Dr. Asai’s Germanium. As my colleague and friend Joseph Brenner MD, Oncologist from Israel used to say, “Chemotherapy is good but not good enough”.

At the moment I am writing this article a well-known Portuguese singer was diagnosed with lung cancer and started chemotherapy which he quickly discontinued and refused radiotherapy since he found out for himself that they were useless. Well, it was too bad he was not aware of alternative medicine and especially about organic Germanium, which could have made a big difference.

It is important to accompany chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment with a substance such as organoGermanium in order to minimize side effects. Chemotherapy is useful but can also be responsible for secondary cancers, and spreading metastases as I often have seen. Immune defenses, especially NK cells, are a weapon that can prevent the spread of metastases and disease relapses.

I have written a huge article on NK cells and cancer which will be published in “Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine” (USA) in the special cancer issue of August/September 2022.

At this stage, organic Germanium is a real support because first of all, it stimulates the immune system because chemotherapy decreases immune system activity just like radiotherapy and even surgery. We too often forget that surgical procedures strongly reduce the immune defenses, in particular the NK cells and T-cells responsible for the spread of metastases. Hence the interest, for example, in taking doses of Germanium one week before surgery and continuing afterward. Then the regenerated organic Germanium restores the level of cellular energy and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Chemotherapy Side Effects and Damage:

Attacks the bone marrow and often causes severe anemia. Leukopenia (Often the patient must stop the treatments).

Toxic effects on the liver, kidneys, intestines, and heart.

Damage to mitochondrial function.

Causes infections caused by decreasing activity of the immune system and development of yeast forms like candida and other bacteria treated with antibiotics, which further weakens the patient. About 30% of cancer patients die from infection, lack of appetite, vomiting, anorexia, etc.

Carcinogenic by itself.

Protection with Dr. Asai’s Germanium:

Stimulates the immune system
Stimulates bone marrow function, and fights and prevents anemia.
Protects the liver.
Protects and destroys focal infections with its anti-viral activity.
Repairs the damage caused to the cellular DNA and thus delays the development of secondary cancer.


Bone growth disorders
Local immune system disorder
Diffusion of metastases into surrounding tissues
Pulmonary fibrosis

Protection with AsaiGermanium:

Stops the attack of gamma rays on healthy cells
Prevents lung fibrosis


To conclude, I think it is worth mentioning that in the face of this pandemic, which is far from over and which, moreover, highlights the failure of the immune system in our society caused by stress, pollution, nutritional deficiencies, and excess pharmaceutical drugs. The logic is to stimulate and improve our immune defenses and increase oxygen levels to fight the virus with more natural means, on this subject was strongly highlighted at the beginning of the pandemic such as vitamin D3, vitamin C, selenium, Quercetin all with scientific references. Very quickly these means were suppressed or even banned from publication. So here, the Ge-Oxy 132 or AsaiGermanium is probably very effective since it has anti-viral effects, compared to vaccination which is far to be effective since now it is the vaccinated people who are now infected. I think that depending on the situation, a dose of 250mg to 500mg per day of AsaiGermanium is useful as a means of prevention and even 1000mg during an infection. But generally speaking, anyone can take AsaiGermanium, especially aged people who have a weaker immune defense and anticipatory defense, while their mitochondria produce more free radicals that oxidize mitochondrial components, the DNA with damaging effects, inducing mutation with a dramatic decrease of ATP energy. In fact, science has proven that aging is also caused by damaged and decreased activity of mitochondria. So yes, AsaiGermanium is an Elixir of Life or Lift of God, as described by Dr. Asai.

Dosage of AsaiGermanium:

Depending on the condition of the patient and the disease, doses ranging from 300mg to 1500mg per day are suggested.

In Japan, doctors prescribe up to 2500mg or even more organic Germanium per day.

For example, to treat pancreatic, lung cancer, or brain cancer a dose of 1500mg -2500mg is strongly indicated.

With stage II breast cancer without metastases, treated with chemotherapy, a daily dose of 500mg is sufficient.

Of course, AsaiGermanium can be included in a protocol with several other natural remedies. This is an individual choice with each doctor but can be taken individually or just to strengthen the body or fight an infection. I have included AsaiGermanium in all my cancer protocols and also to treat other chronic or degenerative diseases.

For example, adding a compound such as genistein to AsaiGermanium is a good combination to inhibit angiogenesis and stimulate apoptosis by activating the tumor suppressor gene P53 which is responsible for destroying any abnormal cells in the body and cancer cells with chemotherapy treatments.


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