About Japan Medical Journal

The Japan Medical journals is online publication that report medical information for the physicians and other health professionals as well as to public for health awareness. This journal is published online only and cover many fields of medicine and medical development in Japan and rest of the world. Japan medical journal does not focus on a particular area of medicine. Instead, it publish all kind of information for doctors and for general public interest. This online journal includes articles about use of medicines and the articles by doctors of their experience about diseases and the treatment.

Types Of Articles

  • Research articles report the results of research studies on wide range of topics, from the basic mechanisms of diseases to clinical trials and treatments. Research articles about different deseases and various method of treatment. Japanese physicians and the doctors from overseas countries also publish their experience in curing of all kind of deseases including deadly deseases.
  • The results of individual research studies and research by large insitutes is also publish that can be affected by many factors. The results from different studies on the same desease can be very helpful in reaching conclusions about the scientific evidence for preventing, diagnosing, or treating a particular disease specially deadly deseases.
  • The report, informations and cases reports are published to educate clinicians about particular illnesses and how to treat those sickness.